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My Beautiful Angel

November 29, 2006 Vivian 3

Thanksgiving is over and we had decorated the house for the Christmas season. One of my favorite decors is this beautiful, very colorful angel. Isn’t […]

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What is Success?

November 1, 2006 Vivian 0

Hello gorgeous people! I just woke up. I am still sleepy but I am happy for another beautiful day God has given me. I want to […]

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Conversation Etiquette

October 1, 2006 Vivian 0

I am currently reading a book entitled, “The Book of Etiquette” written by Michael Macfarlane. The book considered the usual: where to place the dessert […]

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Chinese Zodiac Sign

September 27, 2006 Vivian 0

Are you familiar with Chinese Star Signs? According to this Chinese belief, the animal that rules your year is the animal that rules your heart. […]

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Say You, Say Me

September 26, 2006 Vivian 0

How to listen effectively 1. Paying attention to what the other is saying. 2. Acknowledging the other person’s feeling. 3. Listening without giving an opinion. […]