Monday, October 2, 2017

Senso-ji Temple A Must See in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

If you ever visit Japan,  regardless of where you visit, be sure to visit Senso-ji temple (otherwise known as Asakusa Kannon temple ) in Asakusa, Tokyo. This is the oldest temple in Tokyo. It is easily accessible by public transportation and an easy walk from Asakusa station. This beautiful ancient Buddhist temple is huge and worth a visit. The nice thing about it is, it's free. There's no entrance fee.

Senso-ji Temple

This place is absolutely stunning. For someone who loves colors, this place is an eye-candy. It is colorful and plenty of vibrant structure. The architecture is amazing and this temple is traditional in every aspect despite being in the heart of Tokyo. It is crowded with locals along with tourists but has a peaceful atmosphere.

Senso-ji Temple

Senso-ji is a great temple surrounded by beautiful Japanese gardens. If you are planning to visit, note that this place gets packed with both locals and tourists people so if you want to have a moment in the temple or take pictures without a lot of people in it, try visiting very early in the morning or late at night because you will definitely see crowds of people here especially during peak holiday season.

Senso-ji Temple gifts

Senso-ji Temple is surrounded by hundreds of small shops that sell scrolls, incense to burn, charms, souvenirs, gifts, and food. There's plenty of traditional food stall, affordable yet great restaurants, and cafes. Cash Only in some places so be sure to carry some with you.

pagoda, japan pagoda
Since Senso-ji temple is a Buddhist temple, you'll see a lot of people that are visiting to actually pray and perform their prayer rituals.

One fun activity to do when visiting Senso-ji temple is renting a Kimono for you to wear while walking around and for picture taking. Yes! You can rent the kimono and walk around the shrine. There's plenty of rental shops around.

You'll see lots of locals and tourists walking around and dressed in traditional kimonos.

The place is definitely delighting to any photo enthusiast. I especially love the beautiful and stunning pagoda.  It is more fun to take a photo with it in the background especially when you're wearing a Kimono.

Senso-ji is breathtaking, majestic and beautiful even at night. There are also very nice artworks in the temple's ceiling. Enjoy the surroundings. It is a wonderful cultural experience.


Senso-ji is definitely a must see. It is one of my favorite places in Tokyo, Japan. The temple has a lot of history. You'll always see locals and tourists around. There are people worshipping, groups touring and learning proper temple etiquette, or throwing a coin in for luck. The temple is known to make all wishes come true and bring good luck, happiness, and good relationships.

asakusa lantern

You will feel like you're time traveling back to the ancient Japanese era, the moment you enter into the temple’s property. The picture below is the Kaminarimon Gate, also known as Asakusa's biggest landmark. The big red lantern weighs about 1534 pounds (700 kilograms). There are always lots of people here to take photos.

Kaminarimon Gate, kaminarimon lantern

The two statues guarding this gate are deities Fujin-sama (god of wind) and Raijin-sama (god of thunder and lightning). There's a dragon hiding inside the big red lantern.

There's a lot more to see around Senso-ji temple. In fact, the place is huge and has lots of gates and areas to explore. I won't spoil it for you 😊

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