Thursday, October 26, 2017

How I Wore Yellow Lipstick for the First Time

Have you ever worn a yellow lipstick? I have never worn a yellow lip color until a couple of days ago when I dared myself to step out of my comfort zone and do lip color play. Yellow is such a bold lip color and so intimidating that not so many women wear it. How to wear yellow lipstick? I don't know. I suppose you wear it with courage. Really, that's what I have.

How I got me to wear a yellow lip color? I got the idea from Instagram engagement. It started when I posted a picture of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette on Instagram (@parma_star). I had just purchased this lip palette and fell in love with all the gorgeous colors. One of my Instagram followers commented how she cannot picture herself wearing yellow lipstick and so I thought, hey I've never worn a yellow lip color myself. So I dared myself and here it is. Raw photo of me wearing a yellow lip color. 

Yellow Lipstick for the First Time

I am wearing primary number 4 yellow from the beautiful Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette. This pretty palette came with a lip brush that has a spatula on the other end. I think I got carried away and put too much lip color but I did not want a re-do. I wanted to capture my look as is.  I feel funny looking at myself. I probably will not wear this bold color again 😄 unless I mix it or layer it with other lip colors. But hey, now I can say I did it. Yay! This is one thing I can cross on my makeup list. My yellow lips... first time ever. I will continue to experiment with colors and makeup though. I will never stop learning and growing.
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How I Wore Yellow Lipstick for the First Time

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