Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cute Cats Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set by Lovellio

We have two cats in the house. One is a Princess, while the other one is a tomboy. We adopted them from a shelter when they were still month old and our lives are much happier and fun with them. I love cats and dogs equally. These adorable animals are blessings in the house. They make life happier. If you are thinking about adopting cats (or dogs), you should go for it.

Anyway, this post is about a review of the magnetic whiteboard dry eraser set by Lovellio. I bought this Cat design set at a discounted price. If you prefer dogs, Lovellio also sells adorable dog prints. (You can buy it here.)

Look at these cute prints. As a cat lover, I cannot stop myself from smiling just by looking at these erasers. This set sure make a great gift to any cat lovers out there. The set come with 12 erasers. These are easy to use and hand washables so you can re-use them later.

We have a small magnetic dry erase monthly calendar planner that we sticks to the fridge. These cat erasers are so cute, our friends comment on them. Everyone who sees them wants one. Very cute, convenient and functional. These adorable erasers are perfect especially if you're buying these for kids because they fit in their small hands and the cute design makes them want to use the eraser more.

These magnetic whiteboard dry erasers have good, strong magnet.  They stick very well to the fridge but for some reason they don't hold too tight on my board. I'm not sure if it's the make of my white board that's making it but other than that, the erasers works well and erases even stubborn whiteboard markers.  I love how lightweight and durable these little erasers are. The set is priced fairly and this 12-pack will last a while. . Perfect size for small boards and lockers.

These cute dry erasers make us smile every time we see them.  If you want to bring a little cheer in any room, these cute little dry erasers will add a smile. 

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