Refreshing the Bathroom with a Bamboo Shower Curtain

by - 8:14 AM

I decided to freshen up our bathroom by adding a new shower curtain. This #bamboo shower curtain adds that nice Asian feel and element of relaxation to my bathroom. This goes well with the bamboo accessories. I bought this from this link

This bamboo shower curtain comes with its own white plastic hooks (set of 10) but I saved it for later and just use my current hooks just because the colors of this shower curtain also matches my current hooks. This shower curtain is size 66 x 72 and is a little smaller than my old curtain. This one hang with 12 stitch-enforced eyelets .

This is made of 100% polyester material and machine washable. The quality of the material is good, fabric seems quite sturdy, and I like that it goes so well with the colors in my bathroom but the printing is a little vague and the colors are less vibrant in person. It is more vibrant in picture.

I like the quality of the fabric, but the size of this shower current is smaller than all my standard curtains (there are three extra hooks left uncovered). Also, the quality of the printing needs improvement. This shower curtain looked so much better in the photos.

I am hoping that the manufacturer can improve the printing of this shower curtain because I have no problem with the quality of the fabric. If they can improve the quality of the colors and sharpness of this image, this can be a very lovely curtain for everybody.


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