Cocktail Shaker Premium Set by SHIKSHOOK

by - 1:10 AM

This is a great cocktail shaker set. This set includes the cocktail shaker, the shaker lid, the shaker cap, two easy pour spouts, the jigger, a branded velvet-like bag, and a free by redemption cocktail e-book with lots of recipes.

This cocktail shaker is perfect for the liquor enthusiast. This is a premium, FDA approved set. I rated this 5-stars on Amazon because the quality is great, the shaker does not make a mess unlike other cocktail shakers (where liquid seep out when you're shaking) and they all fit together nicely.

If you want one for yourself, you can get this Cocktail Shaker Premium Set by SHIKSHOOK here.

*I received a sample for evaluation and unbiased review.Cocktail Shaker Premium Set by SHIKSHOOK vivs reviews rating 5 stars


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