Summer Refreshments using HomeChef Fruit Slicing and Coring Set (Review)

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Contrary to what most people say, it does not rain here in Seattle all the time. The data is out there to find out. Summer here is actually beautiful...and it is hot in Seattle today, it's 84 degree F outside. This week has been hot. Some days are even a little too hot for me. I don't want to wander around the city but times like these are perfect to make summer refreshments! 

I am happy that #HomeChef provided me with their Fruit Slicing and Coring Set because this set is very useful in the kitchen. I received this item a couple of days ago and got it #DiscountedforHonestReview. I was using this awesome set in making healthy fruit popsicles and fresh fruit salad. 

The set contains 1 watermelon slicer with tongs, 2 different sizes of cutters and 1 fruit baller.

HomeChef Fruit Slicing and Coring Set Review

Sizes of HomeChef Fruit Slicing and Coring tool sizes HomeChef water melon knife

HomeChef Coring Tool HomeChef Melon Baller Tool

This is a great set. I rated it 5-stars because I really like this set. 


* It is fun and super easy to use. You can carve your fruits, slice or scoop them into any style you want. These utensils are all awesome but I especially love the Watermelon knife. 

* Versatile Use. So far, I tried using it with Watermelon, Papaya, Avocado, and Cantaloupe but it is advertised to suit all fruits and vegetables.

*It saves me time in the kitchen and makes entertaining and party prep a breeze.  I'm not spending more time cleaning the mess. 

* Durable quality. Not only that it is very easy to use and to clean, it is durable. Made of stainless steel and the handles are firm and have ridges on them. It assure safe and confident use because it doesn’t slip as much as on other brands I have tried.

* Easy storage. This does not take up much drawer space. These kitchen gadgets fit neatly within one another except the watermelon knife.

Cons? I found nothing wrong with the product so far.

These tools are definitely a staple in the kitchen. This set will make a great gift to loved ones and friends. I am very comfortable recommending this handy #HomeChef set!

And here's some great tasting fruit popsicles for you :-)

Fruit Popsicles for Summer

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