Monday, December 7, 2015

Dog Pictures Gallery

Because I love dogs, I decided to add dog pictures gallery on here. Pictures of cute and adorable dogs always cheer me up when I'm tired and bring more joy to my days.

If I am a dog,  this is probably my picture -  a blogger dog 😃. Always with a laptop and phone beside it.

And check out this beautiful black German shepherd. Isn't he adorable? So attentive and ready!

And there is something beautiful about this dog's eyes and face that makes you say awwww. I can't quite tell what it is. Maybe his love and loyalty. I love this picture. This dog is a mixed breed dog.

Ever have a Border Collie?

And how adorable is this photo?  Adorable baby protected and loved by this dog.

The face of this  Dachshund puppy is so beautiful. Look at those eyes.

Check out the eyes of this Siberian Husky.

I love this photo of this beautiful Dalmatian Dog

Trick or Treat you guys? These dogs know how to do it 😍

I just can't help falling in love with this face. This bulldog is so adorable. Look at her!

Dog Pictures Gallery

Dog Pictures Gallery

There you have it. 10 adorable dogs. Which photo is your favorite?

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