Friday, July 11, 2014

Dream about Snakes Meaning

I had a weird dream with snakes last night. To give you a little information about myself  in real life, I'm scared of snakes. I can't stand looking at snakes because I don't like their skin. Snake creeps me out. I can't stand looking at them, not even in photographs.

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In my dream, I saw a lot of snakes on the ground, in the trees. In my dream, I was with another person, I think my younger sister (not sure).  It seems like we were in the forest with plenty of snakes crawling on the ground and trees intertwining, surrounding us. I was frozen, did not move because I did not want to cause any movement that may trigger them to bite us. My sister which was on few steps from me, on my right also froze. I looked at the snakes I was slightly scared seeing them sticking their tongues out. Then all of the sudden, I found the courage thinking I need to protect ourselves. I got my sword hanging on my back and started killing them. Some snakes I cut the head off, some I cut their tongues. I was so brave in my dream. I did not get any bite at all. In my dream, I had the power to overcome the snakes.

In the same dream, a different scenario, after killing all those snakes, I see myself with some of my siblings and I think my dad too. We were trying to help some snakes escape from some of their enemy (pig or bigger animal). I am not sure if these are the survivor snakes among those  a group of snakes in the field or forest that I killed. I only knew that I did not feel any threat from these group of snakes and that I want to help them survive from an enemy that they are hiding from. We were trying to help them hide in an open pipe. Open in the sense that the half part of the pipe, the upper part is open so I can see them gliding there with water. Yes, the pipe has water so it was for them to glide in there. Then in that same scenario, someone came (not sure if it was a person or pig trying to attack the snakes) but in that dream scene, it seems like the person/animal that came asked us if we've seen the snakes and we said no. When that person/animal left, we assist the remaining snakes to continue gliding in the pipe with water to peacefully escape.

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The color of snakes in my dream? Brown or Grayish. Common sizes. They weren't too big or fat but not a baby either.

In that same dream, there's scenario 3 but not related to snakes at all. It's a different environment and not connected to the first two snakes scenario in my dream.

I woke up with a slightly heavy heart. I guess I was a little burnt out of energy from scenario 1, killing those snakes in my dream.

Is dreaming of snakes means a warning of some kind? What does it mean to dream about snakes?
I'm really wondering about the meaning of seeing snakes in your dream so I purchased some books about the meaning of our dreams. If you are also interested, check out these books below:

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