Friday, October 26, 2012

Simple Closet Organization Ideas for your Home

Since closets tend to be the smallest rooms in the home, it can be difficult to keep them organized. They usually just become a “catch-all” for seasonal items and other possessions that are not used regularly. This act will make it hard to find anything when the time comes to actually use it. Closet organization ideas are helpful if you wish to declutter the tiny rooms and make the most of the storage space.

home organizing shelving closet
Shelving is the most beneficial tool you can place inside your closet. Shelves open up a wealth of storage space in any area they are used. There are shelves that you can purchase that have the clothing rack built in, which will allow you extra space without taking up any room itself. Units can also be attached to the walls of the closet for even more storage areas. Wire shelving is recommended, as the see-through material allows you to quickly locate items stored above your head.

Hanging organizers tend to be one of the easier closet organization ideas recommended by those that know how to keep a proper home. These can simply hang from the clothing rack or on the inside of the closet door, and offer various shapes and sizes of storage. The most common items stored in a hanging organizer are shoes and jewelry. These organizers can be used in bathrooms as well to store toiletries.

Speaking of shoes, the floor of many closets can become cluttered when too many pairs are purchased. The first thing you need to do is sort through and get rid of those that you no longer wear. When you have narrowed down to your most favorite pairs, store them all in one closet if possible. This makes them more organized and easy to find. If you do not own many pairs after the cleanup, you can purchase a thin shoe box that slides under the bed.

There are many closet organization ideas that revolve around your clothing. When attempting to declutter your closet, you should follow the same first step as with the shoes. Donate any clothing that you do not or cannot wear. Sort the remaining items by the season. If it is difficult to organize your clothes because you have so many, only keep the current season’s clothing hanging on the shelf. The rest of your wardrobe can hang in another closet if possible. If you do not have the extra room, you can purchase storage totes for the currently unused items.

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