Homemade Garlic Knots, My Way

by - 4:18 PM

Guest post written by Kathleen Stephens.

I rarely ever exactly follow recipes that I find in cookbooks or online. I like tweaking them at least a little bit or adding an extra ingredient there to really punch up the flavor and put a bit of my signature on it. A lot of the recipes that you find online in cooking blogs though are basically just that, regular recipes with little twists to them.

I was online the other day trying to figure out something to fix for dinner that night and when I was in the middle of that search, I came across some information about high speed internet. After I decided to check it out, I signed up for a package ! found on that website.

I came across one recipe for homemade garlic knots and I had honestly never had them before. Of course, I also had to add in a few different Italian spices to really take those knots to the next level and I was pretty impressed by it all. So I'm going to hold onto this recipe and add those spices to it.


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