Local Search Engine

by - 12:54 PM

I've been pretty much using this cool local search engine when searching for local products and services. This awesome site is like local yellowpages for finding local businesses and services. It is called Local.com, one of the fastest growing local search sites and networks in the U.S. It has helped me a lot in my searched. I like it because it allows users like me to visit one site to view the contest from all the other sites. Another cool thing is that users can find accurate driving directions, business contact information and hours of operations of the different local business and services.

You can use a lot of their services. If you are in a new place and are looking for local restaurants, you can just search the site. You can also aggregate reviews from multiple sites and can also write your own reviews and contribute to help other users.

If I a business, I will definitely partner with local.com to maximize my revenue with local search ads. I noticed, they have a great Local Content Solutions. Business owners can write about their site in general and drive traffic to their site's homepage. I'm just saying, it's really a cool site.


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