Happy List Yesterday

by - 6:53 AM

life list I'm following the book entitled "Field Guide to Happiness" written by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Ph.D. It's a book about finding happiness in its natural habitat.

I am liking the book so much, so I will be following the exercises mentioned in the book and will be starting to stay focus and pay attention to the simple, yet happy details of my everyday life. Do you want to join me in this new journey?

The first exercise is to keep track of things we are happy or grateful for. I have a gratitude notebook but I don't write everyday. Maybe I'll start writing every night before I sleep, so I don't get lost and forget the next morning. Sounds like a plan, right? If you wanna join me, here's the first activity, write a: List of Things You Were Happy About Yesterday. You don't have to share what they are. But hey, thinking about good things that makes us happy, makes us happy again. Isn't it? I think we're off to a good start. Let me grab my pen and start writing before I forget it. You do the same :)


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