Got Nothing To be Guilty of

by - 5:54 PM

You may call it a Coincidence but it is making me feel so good thinking that someone very dear to me who recently passed away was there during one Medical procedure I had to go through in the hospital.

While I was lying there on my bed, waiting for my doctor to arrive, with all the medical equipment wires, IV and oxygen hooked on me, I noticed that, "Guilty" by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb song was playing. It is one of the few songs that he always called "our songs". I was talking to him in my thoughts and wished he was there with me before I heard the song. Boy! did I ever smiled :). I felt so good thinking he was there with me.

Guilty - by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb

"...You gotta be mine, we take it away. It's gotta be night and day, just a matter of time.

And we got nothing to be guilty of our love will climb any mountain,
near or far, we are, and we never let it end. We are DEVOTION. And we got nothing to be sorry for our love is one in a million. Eyes can see that we got a highway to the sky. I don't wanna hear your goodbye..."

It was very comforting.. and I am still smiling thinking about it. God! I love that man.


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