Talk About Asian Shaved Ice

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Asian Shaved Ice (Vol.7)
Asian Shaved Ice

Check out this beautiful gallery of Asian Shaved Ice. They all look enticing, perfect delight on a scorching hot day. Shave ice is a mixes the delicious refreshment of ice cream with great tasting variety of colored sweets and fruits. Some people flavor it with sweetened syrup of various colours and flavours, some uses milk while others uses red bean sauce. The Filipinos call it Halo-Halo (literally means "mix-mix"), Singaporeans call it Ice Kachang, Koreans call their shaved ice as Bingsu, kakigori for Japanese while for Taiwanese it’s called baobing. Thailand's Nam Kang Sai has it's toppings or delicious mixes in the bottom and the shaved ice is on the top. Asian Shaved Ice has different mixed ingredients per Asian country, yet they're somewhat similar and they're all deliciously addicting.

Do you eat this kind of dessert? What's your favorite Ice treats flavour?


  1. Ice Kacang is nice. I have tried it before and the other stuff in those photos look nice too.


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