Supernatural Weekend

by - 7:45 AM

I didn't do much this weekend. I just painted some gnomes and garden statues, cleaned the garden a little bit and trimmed some plants. I got motivated in re-painting some of them because all of the tulips we planted last fall, are blooming. I created a couple more jewelry beads and have them ready for sale too. Other than that, it's all a Supernatural weekend. I spent most of my time in bed watching all of Dad's most recent recorded episodes of my favorite series. I watched eight episodes.

I like these two brothers, (I got a crush on them...shhhh!), Dean and Sam Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). These brothers are always on the road fighting creatures from horror stories and urban legends. It's entertaining and I love every episode's wicked sense of humour. How I love Supernatural.


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