Get Ready For American Idol

by - 3:47 PM

Are you ready for the new season of American Idol? I am. Tonight, American Idol is back on Fox channel. This is their eight season. I am excited to see the audition. I know it'll be fun to watch another set of hopefuls and I'm sure there will be funny moments, as usual. I am also excited to see the new idol judge, Kara DioGuardi. I still wonder how they are gonna settle their pick. You know there will be 4 idol judges now, and I wonder what happens when two judge says "no" and the other two says "yes". Who has the final say?,

I'm not really a TV person. Unlike my bestfriend Marie, I am not fond of watching soaps and other TV programs but I am crazy for a couple of programs, like Chef Ramsey's Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares and this, American Idol. I'm loving it.

So Let's hear it tonight...


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