Calorie Counting

by - 4:29 PM

I am watching what I am eating and counting food calories. Call me shallow, but I just recently started my regular exercise using our stationary bike. I'm riding the bike 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the evening. I'll eventually increase the length as days go by or probably add other exercises too to get and maintain my ideal weight. I feel better when I weigh 112 pounds. Right now, my weight is 129 pounds.

I normally don't care about how much calories, salt and fats my foods have. But I realized that 30 minutes ride under a riding in a park program will only burn around 170 calories. Do the math! it takes a little longer to burn calories equivalent to what a can and a half regular soda drink contains. Now, that thought made me minimize my soda intake. Today, I burned 329 calories. I know, it's small. I intend to increase it everyday, and minimize food intake.

I hope I will not get lazy and get tired from this exercise. I'm already tempted by the idea that I sweat more just doing my fun dancing than riding in my stationary bike. I just want this exercise to be part of my routine. Wish me luck guys!


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