Check Fire Alarm Batteries

by - 7:39 PM

It's the end of daylight saving time and a good time to check and replace the batteries of your fire alarms in your house. A smoke alarm, being one of the most important fire safety devices for the home needs to be ready and working all the time and should be tested at least once a month (much better if you can do it at least once a week).

Lastnight, before we went to bed, we roll back our clocks an hour and checked all our fire alarms. Most of our alarms are dual-sensor smoke alarms, the Ionization and Photoelectric detectors. We replaced all their batteries. The old batteries may still have power, but it's hard to gamble our safety. Those old batteries might be right on the threshold of failing, so it's best that we changed them all. The end of daylight saving time is a "change the clock time, change the battery" thing in the house.

How about you?
Have you changed your clocks yet? Have you checked your smoke detectors yet? Get in synch with the most parts of the United States by changing the time of your clocks and watches. Don't forget to check the batteries of your smoke detectors as well and change them if necessary. A working smoke detector reduces the risk of a fatal fire, and saves thousands of lives already.


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