Reusing Plastic Water Bottles

by - 9:35 AM

I was chatting with a friend earlier and for some reason we have talked about using plastic water bottles after single use. Apparently, she hasn't heard about different informations, some negative effects of reusing water bottles. She has the habit of using and re-using disposable mineral water bottles, keeping them in her car or wherever she goes.I thought I'd post about this topic so that you can do your own research and caution.

Did you know that there were some reports about using plastic water bottles? According to some articles and reports, reusing plastic bottles after single use is not very good to our health. I have read somewhere, I can't remember where exactly (that's why I say please do your research too if you're interested about this) that there is toxins in water bottles and when they are heated for any length of time, the toxins are released into the water in the bottles. I do buy bottled water but since I got confused about some informations, I try to disposed bottled water right after using them once. Better safe than sorry.

Here's an interesting article entitled "Facts filter out fiction about bottled water". You can read the article here.


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