Online or Live Shopping?

by - 12:54 PM

A friend of mine asked me if shopping online saves more money than shopping direct from stores and picking the product yourself. Since I sometimes shop online, I can say that there's really difference in savings. I have always been a comparison shopper since I learned how to buy things I like and need. If there is something specific that I want to buy, I will make sure I see and find which stores are selling it in a cheaper price. That's just me. I am not a cheapskate but I do check the prices and see if I can save more money. Needless to say, I go online too and find a better offer. I don't forget to calculate the shipping and handling fees too and add them up so I can compare the price of the store and the overall expenses online and then decide which is better. It all depends on the deals you get. I must say that there are some really great deals online, sometimes so much better than any of the stores. In online shopping, there is no gas to add to your costs, you just have to wait a little longer compared to getting it yourself from the store. Either way, you just have to check the deals you're getting and decide which is which.


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