My Google Adsense Check

by - 4:17 AM

I received my Google adsense check yesterday. It seems like it was only yesterday when I read a blog post about google adsense and a fellow blogger posted his google adsense check on his blog. After reading that blog post, I signed up with google adsense, with the hope that someday, I'd get a check from Google too. That someday was yesterday. I got my adsense check and it feels good. It's not more about the amount of the check, it is the check itself because when I first started, I wished to be like that blogger, holding the check. It's the fulfillment of the said wish. I can actually choose to receive my google adsense pay though EFT (electronic fund transfer), direct to my bank account or my Paypal account but I didn't. I showed it to one person that matters, and after seeing that smile on his face, it feels like hardwork was paid off thrice. You can call me shallow, that's okey. I'll have my next adsense pay delivered on my Paypal account. After all, that little wish is already fulfilled. Thanks Google.


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