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I would love to have that funny and charming character that other people posses. Not everyone is gifted with an awesome sense of humor, that is why I always notice it first to people. I think it feels good when your able to make other people happy, and it feels better when you can give a chain reaction kind of laughter. The kind when people start laughing, and other people starts laughing too. By the way, have you ever heard of an infectious laughter? Thanks to those people capable of doing that, it's good for the heart. Hehehe.

Laughing is healthy, so long as you keep your mind in the right track. It's pretty scary when you start laughing for no reason at all. If you're in a group and someone just laugh her butt off for no reason, won;t you be wondering and maybe scared a little bit of her? Yay. I would. And didn't the expert say that laughter is the best medicine? So yeah, let's laugh our heart out. Have a chat with a good friend, over the phone, online, or in person and have a good laugh together. It will left you both the feeling happiness. Did you know that there are people that intentionally create a regular laughter sessions with their friends to enjoy the benefits of laughter? You probably won't believe it but yeah! there are some. I think it's wise. It's free and it's healthy. So have fun. Enjoy laughing and hey, don't do it alone OK?


  1. It's a good advise! Days ago i laugh so many times in one funny conversation with my boyfriend, in one afternoon, that i got tired hehe. Thank you so much for the award. Well, you already have it, but if you didn't own one i would give you. Stay well. Have a good week.


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