Fall Planting

by - 4:24 AM

Gardening Tips, Flower and Plants It's time to plant plants or flowers that blooms on fall to spring seasons and and those that survive frost, like pansy flowers and viola. We have replaced our summer annuals (plants that lives for only single growing season) with frost coping flowers because they're gonna die soon anyway and moved all of our perennials from their pots to our flower beds.

Maybe some people have started planting tulips and other spring blooming bulbs but we haven't yet. All our tulips and daffodils bulbs are still in the fridge waiting for 3 more weeks to be planted. The roses and marigolds are still blooming wild and doing great. This year, we have decided to keep all our hibiscus flowers and hope that they'll survive till next spring. Since we planted them in pots, we are following the weather report and hide them in the shed when the night is below their temperature tolerance . We have installed a heater in the shed to help them.

Gardening Tips, Flower and Plants The picture on the right are Viola flowers. I normally buy flowers in bulk and in this size, they're way much cheaper than the big ones. They look the same with pansy, only that they're smaller. They're actually perennials (plants that keep growing year after year, they sometimes stay green or live all year, some of them die down to the ground but grow back during the same season, the next year) flowers but they're grown as annual in very cold climates. Gardening is never ending. You can always have flowers blooming constantly all year-round.


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