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Are you wondering who among your yahoo messenger friends are really offline or just appearing to be offline but are really just hiding from you through yahoo messenger invisible mode?

If you are curious to know, you can use these free services.

There are a couple of websites that offer Free Check Yahoo Invisible User. I was chatting with a friend who's in invisible status so I took the opportunity to try those website that offers free yahoo invisible user checker, but only one, among the five, gave an accurate result. This is not an advertisement. I would love to put a lists of free website checker of invisible yahoo users here, but those others didn't work. If for some reason the above site I mentioned won't work in the near future, then pardon me, but it worked for me earlier. The other sites, just said that the user is offline, which is obviously not true because I was chatting to the said user.

You can also try to use, Doodle IMvironment. Here's how:

Using Doodle Method in finding a invisible user on Yahoo Messenger
1. Double click on the user ID of the person whose status you want to check.
2. When a message window opened, click on the IMVironment button
3. Select See all IMVironments
4. Select Yahoo! Tools
5. Click on Doodle.

NOTE: After loading the Doodle IMVironment,
1. if the Doodle box area will show this text, “waiting for your friend to load Doodle”, the user is OFFLINE.
2) if after few seconds or probably one minute, you will have a blank page in doodle box, the user is online but INVISIBLE.

I didn't make this post to promote invasion of privacy. I just posted this if in case your wondering. You can always check without bothering the person. Give your friend the privacy she/he needs. Your friend in yahoo invisible mode has her/his own reasons why she/he is using the invisible mode. She/he could be very busy doing something very important or whatever. I myself, use invisible mode most of the time.


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