Olympics 2008: China Edges U.S. in Gymnastics

by - 6:55 AM

Last night, I was watching on TV, the championships of women gymnastics in the 2008 Olympics at the Beijing Olympic Games. China won the women's gymnastics team gold medal, USA team, got the silver medal and Romania got the bronze. It was a tight competition and a fantanstic show to watch. Both teams are good but the US gymnasts had a couple of deductions. Some of China's women gymnasts looks really young, there has been a widespread in the sport, about whether China is using under-age competitors. We were wondering if this is true too because the some girls really look younger than 16. If they are, then it added to their advantage because younger gymnasts are lighter and,often, more fearless when they perform difficult maneuvers but they were really good especially their biggest competitor, Fei Cheng. She nailed her performances. My favorite US gymnast in the team is Shawn Johnson. I would be watching this girl next Olympics. Congratulations to them all. Watch the video below.


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