Egyptian Woman Gives Birth to Septuplets

by - 9:57 AM

Egyptian nurses tend to newborn septuplets at the el-Shatbi hospital
in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt.
Tarek Fawzy / Associated Press

We were planting more flowers in our garden this morning. When I came inside the house to rest, I checked if I got more emails. I was surprised to read a news forwarded by a good friend (thanks Ric!) about an Egyptian woman who successfully gave birth to a septuplets. You read it right. SEPTUPLETS. It's a very rare pregnancy. Yay! seven kids in one pregnancy. The mother's name is Ghazala Khamis, a 27 years old, wife of a farmer. According to the news she's stable after giving birth to four boys and three girls. In case you wonder, she delivered her baby through caesarian section. Can you imagine how it feels if she delivered it normally? Shoot! If I were her, I might worry and would really wonder how I'd raise seven kids at the same time. I think it'll really be so exhausting, physically, mentally and financially. Geez! I also learned that she is already a mother of three girls. Now add the septuplets and do the math!

I searched the news online after my friend forwarded the news to me. You can read the news story here or here.


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