Phishing Incident

by - 7:28 AM

Phishing, JourneyI experienced Phishing attempt today and I'd like to share it here, to warn those that haven't experience this stuff.

If you are not familiar what Phishing is, it is a criminally fraudulent process. It occurs when a malicious web site imitate a legitimate company or web site, and trick you in order for them to get important informations like usernames, personal details, accounts, passwords, or credit card numbers. Fraudster usually sends emails and make it look like it's from the real company .

I am a member of Paypal, an online money service that allows anyone to pay and get paid online. I got an email today and when I opened it I noticed right away that it came from I noticed the wrong spelling, they used capital letter i to make it look like an l and make the word readable as paypal and I also noticed that it is being sent to an undisclosed-recipient. (I am normally keen on details). They could have written my email address. Don't you think?

I suspected right away that it's a Phishing fraud. I target my mouse on the link they provided, the link should be targeting but it didn't, once the link is clicked, it will direct to a different website. I clicked it anyway, and Firefox built-in Phishing protection has warned me of the said web forgery. I think this is a really cool built in. I noticed the phishing right away but what if I didn't? what if I wasn't using Firefox? what if Firefox doesn't have that protection? I would be in trouble if they'll be able to get into my Paypal account. I don't have big bucks in my account but hey, were talking about real money here and important informations.

If you are a yahoomail user, you must have notice that yahoo now have a personalized sign-in seals feature built to protect password theft. I am using that service, it's free anyway and my emails contains bunch of important passwords from online companies I am affiliated in.

Be careful of Phishing. These fraud sites are masquerading as the real web site to fool users. You can read more information about Phishing and report Phising incidents at and another good resource is the Wikipedia Phishing page. It doesn't hurt to be aware and take extra precautions.


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