Most Prolific Mom

by - 9:28 AM

Happy family

I wonder how it feels to be holding your 18th child. I'm not saying, 18-year-old child. I'm definitely saying the 18th child born in the family. I sure wouldn't know and I think I will never know especially that I don't have a plan of delivering 18 kids. I was just asking because the most prolific mom, a Romanian immigrant in British Columbia, recently gives birth to 18th child. Wow! She's 44 years old, Livia Lonce and her husband name is Alexander Lonce, their oldest is now 23 years old. It's great to see a happy picture of their family. I can't imagine how it is like, it could be happy seeing bunch of kids, like seeing ripples of joy. On the other hand, it could be very difficult raising kids of different personalities and moods. You can read their news story here.


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