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I am a big fan of this girl, who always deliver a spine chilling performance. Here are videos of the live performance of 15 year old singer Charice Pempengco from the Philippines performing with famous record producer, composer, songwriter, arranger David Foster, who works with only the finest, in his one-night tribute concert, David Foster & Friends in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas last May 23 2008.

Charice Pempengco - Las Vegas with David Foster Part 1

Charice Pempengco - Las Vegas with David Foster Part 2


  1. I just became aware of Charice a few days ago. Her performances moved me to tears. I was so impressed that I wrote her up on my blog and included a video timeline of her most popular appearances. I also included a six-part mini-series about her life and a three-part interview with Racquel, Charice's beloved mom. I hope you'll stop by and visit—just search for "Charice." Many thanks!

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