A Rose for You

by - 9:38 AM

I received a rose (tag) from Nova one of my wonderful online friends. I love roses and I love giving and receiving one from friends. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty.

I would love to share this rose (tag) as a way of saying thank you to all my friends on the list especially to my closest friends whose blogs are: TipsyTips, Just Saying, Different Angles, Heart-Link, Super Maria, Bingkay, Cheezemiz, Inspirational Quotes, US Immigration Journey, Everything Nursing Blog, Delicious Corner and WildCatLady


  1. more than any flowers ..roses is so radiant and denotes the feeling of love in its most wonderful way..if i had my way, i would want to fill the bedroom of my dearest one with roses minus the torns course!! the ambience of romance wills soon fill the air..3 Red Roses for you..


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