Baby Beatles Singer

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Nine months before this video, a baby in his diaper and his guitar was singing (in their sofa) one of the Beatles classic " Hey Jude". After couple of months, he became very popular.
I wish the videos below have English subtitle so I can understand it better.

This is baby Beatles first video.

The two videos below were taken on KBS-TV-Wunderkind Contest Show

Baby Beatles-MVP(1/2)

Baby Beatles Part 2

His name is Hero Ha, a Korean kid, born on Sept.2003. According to reports, Hero Ha, has never either been nor lived in English Speaking Countries. As from around the end of year 2005 he began to sing along for himself, he just listened to the songs and now he can sing about 40 of Beatles as well as 20 of old pops - most of songs of the Legend and History,The Beatles. Korea masscom regards him as Language-Wunderkind ; Special Edition of BEST BABY on Feb.,2008 - most influential baby monthly magazine in Korea~


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