political discussion

by - 7:16 PM

Are you a big fan of politics and issues about ecology, sociaty and government? Here's a great political discussion and philosophy website that discusses political and social options. Stateless Society is an article repository with on-going discussions of alternative government, no government, and alternative currency ideas. It's a pretty site, very easy to navigate and very interesting read. It discusses the awesome benefits of life. I found myself agreeing to some of the points written in their articles. It's interesting reading some thoughts similar to what you have in mind. It is true that corruption is a problem in our governments, even from the smallest position available. I found it to be very interesting and thought provoking. There are some of the ideas presented on the site that I really really like. Check out their website and take a visit to their forum and enjoy browsing. I think we can we can live in a nonviolent world. It is definitely worth a visit.


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