New trapdoor spider named after Neil Young

by - 8:59 AM

(Credit: ECU News Services)

I was reading the news earlier and learned that a new species of trapdoor spider was discovered in Jefferson County, Alabama, in 2007 by an East Carolina University biologist, Jason Bond. He named the newly discovered arachnid after his favorite singer/songwriter Neil Young, naming the spider, Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi.

For those who are not familiar with Neil Young, he's now 62 year-old, a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and film director, who rose to fame in the 1960's with the band Buffalo Springfield. His 1970's release album "Deja Vu" has become a classic rock album. If you recall, earlier this year, another species was named after another musician. A species of beetle that looks as if it is wearing a tuxedo, the whirligig beetle also known as Orectochilus orbisonorum named after the late rock 'n' roll legend Roy Orbison .

I just think it's cool to have something named after yourself. Truly an honor. I'm just wondering... if a spider be named after me, what name will it be?

Myrmekiaphila preciousi?

Sounds good to me. (i'm a dreamer! hehehe.)


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