Life-Changing Surgery

by - 10:46 PM

I saw this video (below) in Fox news. I felt so sorry for the girl but now, I am thankful for her life-changing surgery. This surgery will ultimately restore her face and her life. Cherrie Mae, a 13-year old girl from the Philippines, lost her nose to a rare infection (disease). She has traveled to New York City so that doctors may build her a nose. Thanks to all kind hearted people especially to the amazingly competent and talented doctors who are taking care of her case.


  1. hi girl, you know what she is my neighbor. i've heard that rotary club took her to US so she will be operated. she's just a few blocks away from house. by the way, how did you post/download video on blogspot? i'm having some trouble. ill add u on my daily reads as per request

  2. Thanks for adding me in your daily reads list sis and I wish your neighbor well. I got the video from fox news online. Their videos have an embedded code for everyone who wish to post it on their blog.


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