cosmetic dentistry

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When we're kids, we are taught by our parents or guardians the importance of good dental hygiene. Our parents told us to take good care of our teeth, brush them three times a day and floss to ensure good hygiene and to maintain a healthy smile for many years to come. Doing so everyday, and learning the importance of proper dental care, we practice proper cleaning until they become part of our daily habits and routines. But I am sure you are aware that not everyone has good dental health, some lose good teeth at an early age and others doesn't have good set of teeth for several reasons. But no worries, the high end technology that is available today enables everyone an amazing, healthy, natural smile in a comfortable and enjoyable experience . There's this a painless system that uses air instead of metal to drill teeth. Learn more about dental health and technology at Dr. Kourosh Maddahi is a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills providing complete smile makeovers using advanced dental techniques including painless air drills, miniature cameras and digital x-rays. In his website, you will learn the difference of art and dentistry and see the many before and after pictures of some patients that went through cosmetic and restorative transformation. dentistry, their services offered, and other great resources.


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