bed bugs

by - 8:55 AM

bed bugAre you familiar with bed bugs? Bed bugs are those little bugs that are nocturnal meaning they sleeps during the daytime and active at night. Bed bugs lives by hematophagy (sometimes spelled haematophagy or hematophagia). They live and survive by feeding on human blood and other warm-blooded hosts. I learned that there are actually a lot of different kinds, including some that feed off certain types of animals like chickens, but the ones most people are worried about live mainly off humans. They usually live inside of mattresses, in the seams, the box springs, or sometimes the linens, to places where they have convenient access to a food source - you. They crawl out just before dawn and bite you, sucking out blood for about five minutes. You don't feel anything until after the bed bug is already safely back in its home. Check out this website about killing bed bugs to learn more about bed bugs and how to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation, and all the problems associated with it.


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