American Idol Season 7 Top 2 Results

by - 7:25 PM

American Idol Season 7 is coming to its Seasons finale. Out of more than 100,000 hopefuls that auditioned for this year, only one person will stand tall and gets the Season 7's American Idol crown. This year's top 3 namely: David Archuleta, David Cook and last girl standing, Syesha Mercado, are all great talents. Tonight is the result of American Season 7's Top 2. I had to shout when Ryan Seacrest first named David Archuleta heading to the finale and the tension mounted when he said "going up against David Archuleta is.........", then he said David Cook. I had to shout louder. Hahaha. I can see a tight race for the title. I always believed that American Idol contestants David Archuleta and David Cook are the front runners for the American Idol 2008 title. So, there you go! American Idol's Season 7 finale will be a showdown between David Archuleta and David Cook. I am sure everyone's been anticipating for this. Two different singers, an amazing rocker and an amazing ballader. Both are great, unique and insanely talented. Both appeals to the audiences. I'm already excited for the battle of the Davids. It will be tough for the fans to decide who among them is better. I love these two guys. Regardless of who wins, they're my American Idols. The'yre both talented. I can't make the call. Who do you think will grab the title? the 17 year old, HS student from Murray, Utah (David Archuleta) or the 25-year-old, former bartender from Blue Springs, Missouri (David Cook)?

Below is the video announcement from American Idol season 7, that David Archuleta will compete against David Cook in the finale. American Idol Season 7 Results: American Idol Top 2.


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