Trix Can Drive

by - 5:57 AM

We've been so busy lately gardening and fencing the yard. Tom arrived home too tired from work. We tried buying groceries at night and we loved it. There's not much traffic on the road and it's just peaceful especially in Home Depot where we buy flowers and other garden supplies. We normally buy stuffs one at a time especially the woods and nails for the fence.

After buying more plants and trees, we stopped by in one of the biggest mall here to get a drink and I was already sleepy and a little bit tired. so I told Tom that we ( Trixie and I) will just wait in the car.

While waiting, I took this pictures of Trixie. She looks like she's driving. I have included a URL of her blog because I might be posting these pictures in her blog soon too.

Her blog ( is not yet fixed though. I am updating it slowly because of my busy schedules lately. After all our projects, I hope to sit down and finish her blog up.


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