The Secret works with A New Earth

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The Sedona Method: "The Secret" Meets "A New Earth"

A wave of awakening is finally breaking into the mass consciousness that has been building for decades. As a planet, we are awakening from the dream of separation and learning to let go of victim consciousness as we take greater responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and how they create what we experience as our “reality.” The Sedona Method has been at the leading edge and the center of this awakening for over 30 years. The Secret works with A New EarthWithin the last few years, the Law of Attraction has reached the attention of millions of people with the advent of the book and movie phenomenon, The Secret. More recently, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle has brought forward a large and growing interest in awakening from the dream of the ego.

The Sedona Method is the bridge between the two philosophies! To explore The Sedona Method further either order your Free DVD and CD and/or order the full Sedona Method Audio Program. If you are already working with The Sedona Method or you simply want to start with the fast track to living presence listen to The Inner Circle or Join us on one of our Retreats.


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