Ramiele Malubay Voted Off American Idol

by - 10:51 PM

Ramiele Malubay gets booted off American Idol lastnight. She sang Dolly Parton’s “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” the other night and apparently, her performance failed to impress the voters. I was kinda sad that her journey on “American Idol” came to an end. On the other hand, I think week after week her performances had gone weaker. I knew she needed more strong performances to stay and win the Season 7 American Idol title. She had some trouble picking the right song for her and for couple of weeks I thought she was playing safe. I think the fans got tired, waiting for her to deliver a blowout performance. She really has a real good voice but not enough for her to stay. She earned her spot, the Top 9 American Idol Season 7 and she should be proud of herself for that.

Below is the video of Ramiele Malubay performance and listen to the judges comments. American Idol 7 - Top 9 - Ramiele Malubay - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?


  1. how sad it is but
    she did her best though!
    what a nice a blog you have and your picture is pretty!


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