GPS on Google Maps

by - 5:12 AM

How would you like to have a live track tiny GPS on Google Maps? Global Trek Xploration (GTX), develops, patents and integrates miniaturized Assisted GPS tracking and cellular location-transmitting technology for consumer products and applications. This tiny GPS unit can be tracked in real time on Google Maps. It's amazing how the technology could be used (tracking people, vehicles, good, crowd control, children etc)

GTX Corp develop miniaturized GPS tracking and cellular location-transmitting technology platforms for integration into a wide variety of branded licensee consumer products. What's great about them is that they make consumer products trackable. Their patented Personal Location Services (PLS) is always-on Assisted-GPS tracking AND wireless location-reporting technologies which makes it smooth and continuous real-time coordinates rendered on Google Maps.


  1. I actually like google map and track and play stalker when bored lol hahaha kidding just dropping by :)


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