Frog with No Lungs Discovered

by - 4:50 AM

lungless frog I was trying to picture in my mind a frog with no lungs and breathes through its skin as I read the news of this no lungs frog discovered in a remote part of Indonesia during an expedition by evolutionary biologists. This is a rare and primitive aquatic frog living in a remote Borneo stream. The lungless frog is said to be a Barbourula kalimantanensis and joins a short list of lungless amphibians and is the first frog known to respire entirely through its skin. Awesome. I wonder if I ever gonna see one. According to the news, scientists hope to study the unique amphibian further, but they worry of illegal gold mining in the area. It might destroy the frogs’ habitat and render it uninhabitable. The picture of a lungless frog on the right is an AP Photo by David Bickford.


  1. Wow, that fact is amazing! I didn't know that an animal could breathe without lungs, but now... It's very interesting. Thank u for this text. Stay well.


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