Wireless security

by - 10:43 AM

How would you like to have Wireless Security? I found an awesome Yoggie’s personal security. You can enjoy the following

* Block all Internet threats outside, before they reach your PC
* Hide your PC from Internet Hackers
* Boost your PC’s performance
* Dual Flash memory mechanism constitutes an “Untouchable Operating System” barrier for complete physical isolation of your PC from threats
* Protection from known as well as unknown attacks
* Plug and Forget easy installation and operation with no special technical knowledge required
* Security software updates accumulate on the Yoggie’s external mini-server, instead of draining your PC’s resources

Having security software installed on your PC is not enough to protect you from security threats, simply because your PC was not designed for security. IP spoofing, denial of service or buffer overflow attacks can bypass security software and cause damage by utilizing PC-related vulnerabilities. Most importantly, trying to stop the attack from inside the computer is ineffective and may be too late.


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