save lives

by - 5:17 AM

Have you heard about ICE phone campaign? ICE is short for the In Case of Emergency contact program into peoples mobile phones. ICE and ICE stickers saves lives. ICE program helps provide identification and contact information about you in case of emergency. It helps any medical personnel have information about your medical history and medical conditions and avoid misdiagnosis and medical error during emergency situations especially when a patient is physically incapacitated and could not provide any information at all. The ICE program is also great for kids. and teen agers especially that many of them leave homes everyday without any identification but many of them carry their cellphone. It is great that has developed an iconic self-adhesive visual alert to be applied to the back of the phone. It is made of vinyl with permanent adhesive. It is used in over 40 countries around the world, including non-english speaking countries. To learn more about this life saving program, visit their website.


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