Engineers Working on Foldable Car?

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I don't like it when we can't get a good parking space when we're buying some stuffs in metropolitan area. Do you? It would be nice to drive around town areas without worrying about finding a good parking space of your car. How would you like to have a foldable car? I read in the news this morning that scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are addressing the urban parking problem. They now have on display a miniature version of a foldable car in a campus museum and there are plans to build a full-scale model this spring.


Franco Vairani (L) and Peter Schmitt, PhD students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, cast shadows on window mural of their City Car, a collapsible, electric, battery powered car they designed, at the Museum at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts November 13, 2007.
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I would love to be among the first few that would be able to see this awesome vehicle but the real vehicle has not yet been built. Maybe three to four years from now. A foldable car that could potentially fit in a spot one-eighth the size of that required by the average car. I really hope they will make a real vehicle out of this model. I think it will be pretty cute but I'm not sure if it will work for everyone especially when you buy lots of grocery stuffs and other necessities for the home. But I still think it'll be a cool one. Don't you think?


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