dNeero Social Surveys Pays

by - 6:18 AM

I've been a member of dNeero Surveys for a while. Their surveys are shorts and very easy to fill up. Registration is Free so I just tried them, wasn't sure if they will really pay me. This morning when I checked my email. I learned that they just paid me through my Paypal account. I didn't know that I earned over their $20 minimum payout already. I also just learned that their member don't have to request payout. They will automatically forward members money to their Paypal account. That's Cool. Now I know they really pay that's why I'm sharing this one to you all so that others who haven't joined yet might want to join too. There is no registration fee and their surveys are really really short. Try them out. Samples of their surveys are found below this page in the Short Surveys For Everyone section.

Registration for PayPal account is also free. I read a post in online money journey blog that discusses about Paypal and how to create a Paypal account, if you are interested, the link for that post are (just click the title, a new page will be opened) What is Paypal and Creating Paypal Account


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