David Cook performing Billie Jean Top 10 American Idol

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The American Idol Song Theme lastnight (3/25/08) was any song during the year each contestants were born. My favorite performance lastnight during the Top 10 American Idol performances, was that of David Cook performing Chris Cornell's version of "Billie Jean". I wasn't familiar of this Billie Jean version until lastnight when I heard it from David Cook. I am more familiar with the original arrangement of the song by Micheal Jackson. The three judges was amazed by his performance. I think David Cook is very good and he' impresses me each week. He definitely gave a very good rendition of Chris Cornell version, which is awesome in itself. I agree with the judges. David Cook's performance of "Billie Jean" lastnight was HOT! Check out this video below and tell me what you think? Could David Cook be the next American Idol?

David Cook - Billie Jean - Top 10 American Idol 3/25/08


  1. I am not rooting for him! I just love his Billie Jean rendition! The best by far! I also love Michael Johns performance :)

  2. He's now my favorite to win, he is moving up slowly but surely. He's very brilliant and risks taker.


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