American Idol Top 12 First Night

by - 7:49 AM

I am excited for tonight's result of American Idol. Last night, crowds favorite David Archuleta was in his weakest performance. He admitted that he is not very familiar of the Beatles songs and just tried Stevie Wonders version of the song. He's pretty young though so, I could believe him. Heck, I am even older and not so familiar with some Beatles songs. He probably is crumbling under the pressure too especially that everyone expects a lot from him. David Archuleta forgot the lyrics of the song "We Can Work It Out" but I don't think he was the weakest performer among the Top 12 lastnight. This adorable guy has the most fans among the Top 12 I guess. I think Kristy Lee Cook will be going home tonight. She's pretty talented too and but the judges didn't like her singing the country style of the song "8 Days a Week". I didn't like it either. I think Ramiele Malubay might go tonight too. She sang "In My Life" and for me personally, I think she sound pretty good and gave the song justice but the thing is, everyone is expecting more from them and her fellow contestants are pushing harder by picking songs that would show their vocal range. I wish Ramiele Malubay will stay tonight and then pick the right song next time. Everyone knows she can sing great songs even those songs with high pitch. She don't have to play safe especially at this point of the competition. If she wants to win she has to push herself to the limit and show what she got. Like the three judges, I was a little disappointed by her performance these past weeks. I am not saying she's not a good singer. I am just saying she needs to pick better songs that will show her vocal range because she definitely can do and sing better songs even the judges said that. Anyways, I voted for her last night many many times hoping she could stay and do better next time.

For the American Idol Top 12 performances lastnight, I'd pick Chikezie's great surprise performance lastnight. It was awesome. I think Chikezie really stood out lastnight.

Here are videos of their performances:

David Archuleta - We Can Work It Out (March 11)

American Idol Season 7 Kristy Lee Cook " 8 Days a Week "

American Idol - Ramiele Malubay - In My Life

American Idol - Chikezie - She's a Woman


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