Amanda Overmyer I Hate Myself For Loving You!

by - 8:08 AM

Are you one of the million fans of American Idol? What do you think about Idol Amanda Overmyer? I usually don't like her voice but I loved her performance lastnight. I think it was her best night so far. I wonder if that performance has secured her a spot on the top 12. We'll know tonight! I sure like her make up last night compared to the her previous performances and I think she's prettier when her make up is simple and hairstyle is not overdone.


  1. too bad, i wasn't been able to watch the entire season, that's why i can't even tell from the start...

    hows ur day?

  2. pretty good...Ramiele Malubay is in the Top 12 :)

  3. i watched the performance of amanda and her performance is good. i super love her..


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